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Name: light &ir sensor module BS010WL
Number: BS010WL
Beam Angel:≤ 110 degrees
Product introduction:








1. PIR(Passive infraredMotion sensor is pyroelectric device can detect human movement by detecting Infrared ray emitted by human body.

2. Operating voltage is 5~15VDC, and output voltage is equal to input voltage. High sensitivity, easy for installing.

3. Widely used on the Motion-activated lighting, LED strips Security System, automatic sensory device and more


Functions and Features

1.  Automatic Induction: When people enter into the range of induction, it will output a voltage equal to input voltage, after the delay time, it will output 0V; during the delay time if motion detected, the delay time will reset, and start a new delay time.

2.  Light sensor control function(for BS010L):It will trigger only in the darkness when environment brightness less than 20lux, otherwise, it’s will not triggered even motion detected.


Model No.




Passive Infrared Sensor

Operating voltage

DC 5V~15V

Output voltage

Equal to input voltage

Load current


Static power loss

≤ 50 uA

Delay time

Default setting 15sec(2~30 Seconds is adjustable)

light sensor



Light sensitivity

default setting 20lux,10~300lux adjustable

Detecting range

≤ 110 degrees cone angle, ≤5M-7M (0~5M is adjustable)

Trigger way

continuous triggering

Blockade time

0 seconds


48*25*14 mm