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How to Purchase a reliable quality led tube lighting products?

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LED Tubes has the same brightness of traditional tubes. and the soft brightness will be more acceptable for led home lighting.The lifetime of led tube reach to 50,000 hours. and 80% energy saving. For example,T8 15W LED Tube Lamp has the same luminance as 40W traditional tubes.When you buy a led fluorescent tube , you need to know
How to Purchase a reliable quality led tube lighting products?

1, The brightness of led tube light Different brightness has different price. the led used for led tubes should be consistent with the standard Class¢ñlaser level.

2, Anti-static capacity of T8 led tubes Strong antistatic ability LED has long life,so the price is high too. LED should have the antistatic ability of 700V, then it can be use for LED Tube Lighting.

3, The wavelength of led tube The same wavelength LED has the same color, Required LED has the same color,the price will be highThe led tube factory that do not have the LED color spectrophotometer is really to produce a reliable and same color led tube lights.

4,Leakage current of led fluorescent tube LED is a one-way conductive light-emitting diode, if there is reverse current,then we call leakage current, if the leakage current of led fluorescent tube is high,then the led tube light has the short lifetime and cheap price.

5,Light emitting angles of led tube light Different angle LED used for different application.if you require a special emitting angles,then price will be high, Such as the diffusion angle LED tube lighting,it is high price.

6,Life expectancy of led tubes The most important of led tubes is life expectancy, lifetime depends on LED chip,Power supply,Driving IC,PCB..etc.so we need to use the reliable quality material for led tube lightings.

7, LED chip For the light-emitting LED chip body, different chips,the price is different. Like Nichia LED Chip from Japan, Cree LED from USA, and some other LEDs from Taiwan China.

8,The chip size Big size LED Chip has the higher brightness, it is better than the small chip size, and the price is high.

9,Colloidal Colloidal LED usually use epoxy resin, plus there are UV and fire resistance,the price will be high. High quality LED Tube light should be UV and fire resistant.

So,When you purchase a LED tube lighting products,please choose the CE,Rohs,FCC and UL led tube light,normally,they have the reliable quality, and quality testing report.For the Health, we need choose the innocuity led tube,especially for indoor led home lighting.For the safe and environment,we need choos the LED tube lights has the reliable dustproof,dampproof, and material with fireproofing,NO ultraviolet radiation