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T8 LED Tube Light Installation Instruction

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T8 LED Tube Light Installation Instruction:

Step 1
Find out what your light fixture type is? There are two types, one using magnetic (inductive) ballast, let us call it MAGNETIC BALLAST TYPE. The other one using Electronic ballast. Let us call it ELECTRONIC BALLAST TYPE.

The easiest way to tell which light fixture you have is by looking for a 'starter' The MAGNETIC BALLAST TYPE has 'starter' while the ELECTRONIC BALLAST TYPE does not.

Step 2
Turn power off before installation. Wiring the fixture to use the LED tubes is simple, but should be performed by a qualified person.
For MAGNETIC BALLAST TYPE, only remove the starter from light fixture; do not need to remove ballast. Also you can remove starter and ballast if it is convenient.

For ELECTRONIC BALLAST TYPE, remove/bypass the electronic ballast from light fixture. Do not install the LED tube without removing/bypassing the electronic ballast as damage to the LED tube may occur.

Step 3
Install T8 LED tube light to the light fixture. Turn power on.

Show you in Sketch

(a) ELECTRONIC BALLAST TYPE, Electronic ballast removed/bypassed

The two pins at each end of the LED tube are connected together. Simply apply one side of the 120 Volts (or 220 Volts) AC to one end of the tube (either pin) and the other side of the 120 Volts (or 220 Volts) AC to the other end. Power can be applied to either pin.

(b) MAGNETIC BALLAST TYPE, Starter removed

(c) MAGNETIC BALLAST TYPE, Starter and ballast removed
Notes: Safety First! - All electrical work should be undertaken by an electrician who is fully qualified and registered. When installing LED Tubes please ensure that appropriate health and safety precautions are taken, including ensuring that the light fixture is properly isolated before commencing work.

Under no conditions: DO NOT connect power (positive & negative) to the two pins at one end only. If they are connected together (positive/negative): you will create a short circuit!

Installation of LED Tubes to a fitting that has not been modified in accordance with the above instructions will result in damage/Failure of the tube. Incorrect modification of the fitting may also result in damage/failure of the tube. Either of the above will invalidate the warranty.

(Contents provided by James Wu from Stellaray Technology Limited, in case any LED lighting requirement, please contact James via sales@sr-leds.com)